Do you provide instruction on any other instruments?

Between the two of us, we play over a dozen instruments - so if you're interested in learning something outside of our formal offerings, please ask! If we cannot provide instruction on your preferred instrument we'll try to find someone who does.

What age students do you instruct?

We offer personalized instruction to a wide range of students. Whether they're five, fifteen, forty-five, or ninety, we are glad to share our love of music. Our only requirements are that students must be able to sit through a 30-60 minute lesson, and must be physically able to play their chosen instrument. (Younger hands, for example, may not be able to span the distances required to play bass.)

I don't have an instrument. How can I get started?

You don't need to have a shiny, expensive instrument in order to learn. All you need is access to a basic instrument that can stay in tune. Pianos are commonly available on craigslist for free or for a low price. Used electric basses can be found for about $100. Violins and other band/orchestra instruments can be rented from local music stores. If you want to learn, we want to teach you! Find something that works for now; the time to upgrade to a better instrument will come.

What does a new student need to bring to lessons?

Students should bring a notebook, pencil, musical materials, and instrument (except piano students) to each lesson. We'll provide the notebook and a pencil at your first lesson.

Why are new students required to commit to a full month of lessons?

Learning music is hard. You won't get far with one lesson, and you need to put in some time with an instrument before you can really tell how you feel about it. A month is only four or five lessons - not a lifelong commitment, but enough to familiarize yourself with the basics. During this time, we provide all required music and materials (except your practice instrument), making it easy for you to evaluate your experience with the instrument without buying a pile of books.

Are discounts offered for families with multiple students?

Absolutely! The immediate family members of any student are eligible for $5 off per lesson when they sign up for lessons.